2019 Board Candidates - Genie Diaz

Candidate for Women's Division Assistant Commissioner

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1. What is it about the Board position you would like to hold that most interested you in running for office?

The fact that I'm currently in this position now and would like to complete my goals that I have now.

2. How will you contribute to the Board as a whole if elected?

Work with the Board to help grow the League.

3. Please list other volunteer commitments you have at this time.

Marketing for ASANA and Tournament Committee for ASANA

Summarize your experience with Softball Austin.

What skills and knowledge are you willing to bring to our Board?

Planning: Very Experienced

Fundraising: Very Experienced

Program planning and evaluation:

Recruiting, hiring and evaluating personnel:

Financial management and control (budgeting, accounting):

Communication, public and media relations:

Public speaking:

Information technology:

Writing, journalism:

Special events (planning and implementing):

For the items you checked as "very experienced" or "some experience", please provide details.

Please attach a resume or provide a bio of your work experience, highlighting volunteer work.

Been on the Board for 4-5 years.

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