2019 Board Candidates - Thomas Lopez

Candidate for Competition Coordinator

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1. What is it about the Board position you would like to hold that most interested you in running for office?

I see it as an opportunity to bring new and fresh ideas to the sport I love out on the field and with my fellow softball Austin members while holding on to our values and traditions.

2. How will you contribute to the Board as a whole if elected?

Contribute my talents and experience to help move this organization forward.

3. Please list other volunteer commitments you have at this time.

Assist in coaching select ball for 12 and under.

What skills and knowledge are you willing to bring to our Board?

Planning: Very Experienced

Fundraising: Very Experienced

Program planning and evaluation: Very Experienced

Recruiting, hiring and evaluating personnel: Very Experienced

Financial management and control (budgeting, accounting): Very Experienced

Communication, public and media relations: Very Experienced

Public speaking: Very Experienced

Information technology: Some Experience

Writing, journalism: Very Experienced

Special events (planning and implementing): Very Experienced

[List other skills, knowledge needed by your board]:

USA Softball Official: Very Experienced

For the items you checked as "very experienced" or "some experience", please provide details.

In past employment, I have experience in HR where I gained experience for planning, fundraising, evaluating, recruiting, public speaking, writing and planning special events as well studies from college and many seminars. I have experience also from being a Front Office Mgr., Restaurant Mgr., Banquets Mgr., and Housekeeping Mgr. Through these different titles I gained experience in accounting, budgeting, payroll, payables and receivables.

Please attach a resume or provide a bio of your work experience, highlighting volunteer work.

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