Open Division Assistant Commissioner

Steven McCormick

2012: 2015: Player with Softball Austin (Ball Busters D, Polar Bears D, and Battle Wolves C)
2015: 2017: Coach of Polar Bears D
2015: 2017: Softball Austin Competition Coordinator
2016: Co-Director and Competition Coordinator for the 2016 Texas Shootout Committee
2017: Director of the 2017 Texas Shootout Committee

Rudy Ortiz

I have been active member of Softball Austin since I joined the league in the fall 2005. For the past two years, I have been asked to serve on the board again. I have declined for the reason that I have been focusing on my two current teams that I have established with help of other league members. Now I was asked again and I accepted the nomination for Assistant Commissioner as I welcome the challenges of the position. I seek the board position to help league members address their concerns and to work in finding a resolution, to inform the league members in a timely manner and to be more transparent. Thank you for your vote and support.

  • Member of Softball Austin since fall 2005
  • Head Coach & Head Manager of Austin ASSault (C Team established fall 2013) & ASSaultÃ??Ã?¢??D (D Team established fall 2016)
  • Former Commissioner
  • Former Assistant Commissioner
  • Former Membership Coordinator
  • Former Texas Shootout Tournament Director
  • Served on Texas Shootout Tournament Committee
  • Served on the GSWS Bid Committee
  • Served on the IOG Committee
  • Served on the Ethics Committee
  • Served on Ratings Committee
  • Served on the Pride Committee
  • Former coach and/or manager of Rusty Spurs and Chaos
  • Played on several teams: original Ball Busters, Force, Rusty Spurs, and Chaos before establishing my current two teams.

Women Division Assistant Commissioner

Genie Diaz

Membership Coordinator

Will Garner

I've been a member of Softball Austin since 2009, and I've been a coach and player for the warriors since 2010. I've served as the Membership Coordinator since 2015

Competition Coordinator

Braden Williams

I have been a member of Softball Austin since the fall of 2013, never missing a season. I have coached a D team to a winning season and am constantly attending other team's practices when asked, to help with practice and help players/teams improve. I have helped with every recruitment day since I have been in the league and look forward to many more. I have been on the Softball Austin Hall of Fame Committee since its inception 3 years ago. I have been my team's representative at several Softball Austin rules and bylaws meetings. I was recently the Operations Director for the 2016  Gay Softball World Series and am the Vice President of that organization's board of directors. I am also a member of this year's Texas Shootout tournament coordinators.


Jeffrey Kosewski (Rooster)

One of the original five members of the Austin Home Wreckers, which joined Softball Austin in the Fall of 2011.  In Fall of 2012 the Coach, myself, and a handful of others spun off to form the Battle Wolves, which I became Manager of in 2013.  In 2014 I was invited to become Manager of the Austin Magnums, where I helped bring the Magnums name into the mainstream.  I also facilitated a record breaking fund raiser, raising $1,265 in one sitting.  In late 2015, I was asked to take over Rick McLinden's Board seat as Acting Secretary.  This seat was made permanent in the Fall of 2016.  Three weeks before the Austin Gay Softball World Series (GSWS), I was asked to jump in last minute as Assistant Director of Volunteers/Operations for the GSWS, where the team worked tirelessly to facilitate the successful deployment of over 1,000 volunteers.  I was commended for going above and beyond the call of duty in logging over 100 man hours in 8 calendar days.  For the Spring 2017 Opening Ceremonies I facilitated a nationally renowned celebrity to sing the National Anthem.  I am currently the Assistant Director of the 2017 Texas Shootout

John Guertin

I joined the league in Fall 2012 after having also played in BASL and Hotlanta NAGAAA leagues since Fall 2004.  In Spring 2013 I started a new D team called Austin Aardvarks which became the Ball'rz.  I have brought two major sponsors into or back to the league, Brass House and BT2.  I fielded one of two original teams in the Masters division in Spring 2016 (Prime Timers.)  I have served as the Hall of fame chair since its inception in Jan 2015.  I also served on the GSWS bid committee from its inception through bid attainment and held the position of Associate Director of Special Events.  In the past I have been a frequent participant in the by-laws committee and past Texas Shootout committees.

Greg Theonnes

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