Competition Coordinator

The duties and responsibilities of the Competition Coordinator shall include, but not be limited to the following:


A) Coordinating and providing a League playing schedule.

B) Coordinating the scheduling of umpires for League play with the Umpire In Chief (UIC). He/She will nominate a person for UIC, who must be approved by a vote of the Board. If the

UIC is a member of the League, they will have their dues waived as compensation.

C) Working with the Board to secure balls, scorebooks and lineup cards for League play.

D) Coordinating and overseeing field maintenance and reservations.

E) Coordinating the scheduling of scorekeepers for League play (as directed by the Board).

F) Coordinating the timely and accurate collection and posting of League scores, stats and standings to the web site.

G) Oversee the collection of roster cards each week and ensure the appropriate copies of records are given to the League Secretary.

H) Planning competition with teams that are not members of the League, upon approval by the Board.

I) Overseeing all tournament committees that are authorized by the Board.

J) Serving as authorized signatory on the League checking account(s).

K) Serving as chair of the Protest Committee.

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