Membership Coordinator

The duties and responsibilities of the Membership Coordinator shall include, but not be limited to the following:


A) Coordinating all League recruitment activities, including serving as chair of the League Recruitment Committee.

B) Collecting and maintaining records for member participation at League events.

C) Serving as the point of contact for potential League members on questions of membership requirements and request for League information.

D) Monitoring and maintain a list of players looking for a team from the web site, recruitment events sign up forms, email contacts, etc., and coordinating with the Managerâ??s Council on placing these players on exiting teams or assisting in the formation of new team(s).

E) Serving on the Texas Shootout committee as the registration coordinator.

F) Serving as Chair for the Gay Pride Festival and Parade Committee, ensuring entry and overseeing SA Participation.

G) Serving as an authorized signatory on the League checking account(s).

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