Open Division Assistant Commissioner

The duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Commissioner shall include, but not be limited to:


A) Performing all duties and responsibilities; exercising all powers of the Commissioner during the Commissionerâ??s absence or disability.

B) Becoming the Commissioner should the Commissioner resign or be removed from office.

C) Maintaining order at all meetings in the absence of a Sergeant at Arms,

D) Ruling on parliamentary procedures at all formal meetings of the Board.

E) Serving as an authorized signatory on the Leagueâ??s checking account(s).

F) Accounting to the Board for all general purposes.

G) Serving as the official alternate representative of the League to the meetings of NAGAAA.

NOTE: NAGAAA rules require written approval from the League commissioner if anyone other than League commissioner will serve as the voting representative to NAGAAA.

H) Oversee play and rules of conduct.

I) Providing player ratings (see Appendix One for NAGAAA Player Ratings Guidelines, Appendix

Two for ASANA Player Ratings Guidelines) from the previous year to every team Manager/Coach as well as the Player Ratings Committee (or Board) prior to the start of League play.

J) Be responsible for the handling of all documents scheduled to be sent to NAGAAA, including but not limited to:

1) Non-resident player forms

2) Team rosters

3) List of teams and managers

4) Conference designations (A, B, C, D)

5) Reservations of slots in the GSWS

6) GSWS reservations

7) Player rating formation

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