Sponsorship Opportunities

Please understand that this Sponsorship F.A.Q was put together as a guideline. Items may be subject to change. For any specific questions please contact: publicrelations@softballaustin.org

Officially founded in 2004, Softball Austin is the largest GLBT sports organization in the Austin area, with over 600+ members. Softball Austin offers Fall and Spring season, which provides berths for the N.A.G.A.A.A and A.S.A.N.A World Series tournaments held in a different city every year. Season games are played on Sundays at Kreig or Havins Softball Complex, based on availability. Additionally, Softball Austin hosts official After-Innings parties every game Sunday and offers social events for members throughout the year.

Softball Austin is currently a 501c4.

How can I support/sponsor?
For individual teams, Softball Austin offers two levels of league recognized sponsorship including: Team Sponsorship (Covering the designated season's team fee) and League Supporter (Any amount over $100 up to team fee level). A sponsorship form can be provided by a member or you can contact the PR Coordinator (publicrelations@softballaustin.org) to have a form sent to you.

For details on how to become a league sponsor contact the PR Coordinator (publicrelations@softballaustin.org)

Does Team Sponsorship include uniforms?

No. Teams are required to provide their own uniforms with numbers. Teams may choose to make uniform arrangements with their sponsors, as many sponsors find it opportune to have their logo in front of our members.

However, all arrangements regarding uniforms are between a team and sponsor.

Do I have to be a restaurant or bar to sponsor?

No. We have many different types of businesses as sponsors. We welcome all.

What do I get for supporting?

Sponsorship forms and payment must be submitted before any mention or placement occurs. Details of sponsorship promotion offerings are provided on the Sponsor Form. However, depending on your level, offerings can include:

1. Website placement (artwork must be provided by sponsor in the specified format noted on the form)

2. Consideration for social events

3. Consideration for After-Innings (if paperwork and payment are submitted before a season deadline).

What are After-Innings?

After all games are played on season Sundays, the league hosts an official After-Innings social at a qualified sponsors location. These events are promoted the week of by the league, via the website, Facebook, email, etc... Locations traditionally offer player discounts on food and drinks.

If I sponsor a team am I guaranteed an After-Innings?

No. Determination of After-Innings locations are not made until team sponsor forms have been submitted by no later

than January 22, 2014. You should not be promised an After-Innings or social event by a team. Once sponsor forms have been submitted, sponsors are evaluated and potential After-Innings locations are contacted to confirm availability, dates and offerings.

How do you determine where After-Innings are held?

First consideration is number of teams/level of sponsorship. Eligible locations providing more than one Team Sponsorship are selected by number/total sponsorship provided . Second consideration, after all priority sponsors have secured an After-Innings, is made by evaluation of offerings of a location. After games, players and fans are generally thirsty and hungry. Never say never, but a venue that does not offer food or beverage (either as their business or catered) will be a tough sell for an After-Innings location. Additionally, we do ask that specials be provided to members is important (types of food, drinks, etc...). The final consideration is location. It is hard to get players from fields to Buda or to the lake, we try to select venues that are near the fields. If we play at Havins (North Austin), we select locations North. If we are at Kreig, we generally stay South or Central.

Can I host my own events other than After-Innings?

Most definitely. We only promote our offical After-Innings location on Sundays and we ask teams and sponsorsnot to discourage other members from attending the official After-Innings. However, there are six more days in the week to host events and your team is always able to help you promote. If you have an idea for an event or we are looking for a venue for a social, all eligible sponsors are available for consideration.

Can I ask my team to help promote my business?

Yes. Whatever is agreed between you and a team you support is between you. There are opportunities to hang banners at the field and for logo placement on jerseys, etc... Additionally, you or your team may contact the PR Coordinator (publicrelations@softballaustin.org) to ask about potential ideas or questions.

Can I promote my business at the fields?

Aside from placement on team banners, we ask that sponsors NOT promote their business at the fields on game days.This includes handing out flyers, setting up tables, etc.. We have on accession allowed sponsors to do this but it must be “pre-cleared” well in advance. Anyone setting up or promoting without written permission will be asked to leave. Please understand that we have rules that we must abide by with the city, as well as liability concerns. You or your team may contact the PR Coordinator (publicrelations@softballaustin.org) to ask about potential ideas or questions.

Does it matter what season I sponsor?

No. However, please note that during a season, we pull from league sponsors for the current season for events. Meaning, if you sponsored in the Fall and it is now the Spring season and you are not a sponsor, you will not beconsidered for a Spring After-Innings, social, or event.

What is the Texas Shootout and does my sponsorship include that?

The Texas Shootout is our annual tournament held every Spring. It is setup separately from the league. Therefore, sponsorship for the weekend event is separate. As a supporter, you are provided the first opportunity to be a sponsor as opportunities become available closer to the event. However, you are not guaranteed placement based on leaguesupport alone.

I’m in. What do I do?

Coordinate with any coach, manager, or player who you may already be working with. Your sponsorship form will be due by the season's deadline. If you do not have a Sponsor form already, please contact the PR Coordinator (publicrelations@softballaustin.org) to have a form sent to you. 





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