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2024 Softball Austin Board Elections

Election time is around the corner! All players and coaches on the official roster of teams in good standing with Softball Austin may vote (IOG, Article 2.12). 

The 2024 Softball Austin Elections nominations have been made by your fellow Softball Austin members, approved by the nominees, accepted as candidates by the Elections Committee, and have been posted below.

Important Dates

  • March 24, 2024 - Nominations period opens and announcement of offices open for elected candidacy.
  • April 14, 2024 - Nominations period officially closes and announcement that nominations are officially closed for elections.
  • April 15, 2024 - Official Announcement of Candidates.
  • April 26-28, 2024 - Hold Elections starting April 26th and closing at the end of April 28th.
  • April 29, 2024 - Announcement of new board members.

Members in good standing may submit a nomination for themselves by completing the Candidate Biography Form (go to File > Make a Copy -or- File > Download > MS Word Doc). The completed form should be emailed to Members in good standing may also nominate other members of Softball Austin in good standing by emailing the name to the Election Chair at Individuals who are nominated will be notified and required to accept or decline the nomination.

Positions for Election in 2024

Click each for a description of the position and duties

2024 Board Candidates

Click each candidate for a statement of qualifications - where available


Operations Coordinator

  • Benita Trevino

Public Relations Coordinator


  • Greg Thoennes

Outline of each position's duties


The duties and responsibilities of the Commissioner shall include, but not be limited to the following:

A) Preside at all formal meetings of the Council and the Board and maintain order in the absence of a Sergeant at Arms.

B) Appoint members of any duly authorized committee of the League.

C) Rule on the interpretation and intent of the Articles of Incorporation and the IOG.

D) Serve as an authorized signatory on the League checking account(s) and on any funds managed by the League.

E) Oversee all day-to-day functions of the League.

F) Rule on parliamentary procedures at all formal meetings of members, Council and the Board.

G) Oversee all filings with regard to the Articles of Incorporation, which includes informing the state of any changes in the Board, as well as oversee any other filings required by any and all federal, state, city and municipalities.

H) Serve as the primary representative for all matters related to the NAGAAA and ASANA.

I) Appoint representatives to attend and represent SA at national meetings of NAGAAA and ASANA. The League will cover travel and hotel expenses, as well as a per diem for no more than two representatives attending each NAGAAA and ASANA meeting.

J) Appoint a Sergeant at Arms, if necessary, to help maintain order at meetings. The Sergeant at Arms has no Board authority.

K) Shall designate all committees, select all committee chairs, and serve as a voting ex-officio member of all committees, as provided in these Bylaws.

L) Serve as the point of contact for the Manager's Council on questions of League membership, League eligibility and World Series eligibility.


The duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer shall include, but not be limited to:

A) Account monthly for all dues and monies collected and disbursed by the League. Prepare a monthly detailed cash report, which reconciles to the bank account(s). Submit to the Board for approval and then to the Council.

B) Custodian of the checkbook(s) of the League and of the checkbooks(s) of any funds managed by the League.

C) Deposit all monies of the League in such bank(s) as shall be specified by resolution of the Commissioner within five (5) business days.

D) Make distributions and having charge of the financial affairs of the League and of any funds managed by the League under authorization by the Commissioner.

E) Serve as an authorized signatory on the League checking account(s) and any funds managed by the League.

F) Prepare or coordinate the filing of annual tax report(s) with the accounting firm engaged by SA, if applicable.

G) Prepare or coordinate the preparation of quarterly financial statements and submit to the Board for approval and then to the Council.

H) Oversee preparation of an annual budget. Submit the budget to the Board for approval, and then to the Council. Prepare a budget variance report.

I) Obtain a budget for any tournaments or other League activities and provide the budget, along with regular updates, to the Board and Council.

J) Account for all expenses and income from concession sales and deposit all profits into the League checking account(s), if the League is responsible for concessions.

K) Serve as Treasurer for the Texas Shootout Committee.

L) Collect all dues and monies owed to the League and report to the Board on any outstanding debt

Public Relations Coordinator

The duties and responsibilities of the Public Relations/Social/Fundraising Coordinator shall include, but not limited to the following:

A) Oversee the publication of the League newsletter

B) Coordinate and supervise the League's online presence to ensure it is current, professional and appropriate. (e.g., work with League webmaster, maintain website, organize social media postings) C) Serve as spokesperson for the League with the media.

C) Approve all advertising/marketing material(s) that are published in any medium on behalf of the League and/or League-related events.

D) Coordinate and approve all League communications to outside parties.

E) Plan, coordinate, organize and implement all social functions, special events and recruitment events for the League (e.g., post-game gatherings, after-innings, fundraisers, end-of-season celebrations, PRIDE).

F) Raise awareness about SA in Central Texas and among other NAGAAA and ASANA communities.

G) Serve as liaison between the League sponsors and the Board

H) Secure and coordinate all League sponsorships.

I) Collect and maintain records for member participation at League events.

Operations Coordinator

The duties and responsibilities of the Operations Coordinator shall include, but not be limited to the following:

A) Coordinate the purchase all softballs scorebooks, line-up sheets and any other items to be used by the managers/coaches for the League.

B) Coordinate all field reservations required to run league activities (e.g., season games, recruitment, clinics, etc.)

C) Keep track of inventory in the Softball Austin storage unit

D) Coordinate the ordering of all trophies needed for each season

E) Coordinate with the Competition Coordinator to ensure field bags are stocked, available and picked up each week during league play.

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